The charity behind launches a blockchain-based donation platform

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB – the charity behind – launched a privacy-focused donation platform based on the blockchain Ardor (ARDR) platform.

According to a July 4th announcement, BBB’s charity monitoring organization, Wise Giving Alliance, launched a donation platform powered by a blockchain network, The platform uses DLT technology to facilitate donations to BBB-accredited charities, while ensuring that donor data is only shared when they allow it:

„The platform also aims to restore confidence in the online donation model, address people’s concerns about the misuse of their personal data and potential hacking. All personal information is stored in the Ardor block chain and can only be accessed by charities with the donor’s permission“.

GiveSafely’s head, Ezra Vázquez-D’Amico, explained that the platform „allows for an equal donor-charity relationship. In addition, the platform does not have access to the user’s personal information, donations or payment details.

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Kryptom currencies are accepted
Holders may donate cryptoactives directly to charity. This is motivated by an Edelman report that states that 25% of rich Millennials own or use digital coins and 31% expressed an interest in using them. Donations of fiat money are also accepted.

According to the announcement, the movement is intended as a way to attract younger donors. The ad says:

„ was created with the goal of reaching younger, more technologically competent donors who are less likely to donate compared to older or less technologically savvy ones.“

In addition, donors who use the platform will also be rewarded with charity experiences. Those experiences will be 15 to 20 minutes long and include healthy cooking tips and discussions about how to work at the charity involved.

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Among the charities available on the platform are Save the Children, Easterseals, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Population Media Center, RedRover, Wild Animal Sanctuary, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and World Emergency Relief.

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