Bitcoin’s crazy Bitcoin zinzins – Rothschild Investment and its $1.4 billion want more and more BTCs

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Again, and again, and again – As the market moves horizontally, Rothschild Investment continues to expose itself to Bitcoin through Grayscale. According to the fund manager’s report filed with the SEC, Rothschild Investment now holds 30,454 units of the Bitcoin Grayscale fund.

Bitcoin position increased by 24%.
With this new acquisition, the Chicago-based Rothschild Investment Corporation increases from 24,560 to 30,454 units of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, increasing its exposure to Bitcoin by 24%.

Grayscale Bitcoin Reserves
After a few weeks of calm, Grayscale seems to be receiving new requests from institutions wishing to exhibit at Bitcoin. Indeed, since January 14th, the fund has started buying Bitcoin again, which shows that institutional demand is not weakening!

Despite the fall of Bitcoin over the last few days, institutionals seem determined to see this momentum as an opportunity. The FOMO, a human weakness after all.